What shall I do with my old DJ Equipment? In this blog post I will outline some of the options for selling your old DJ equipment

Where can I sell my old DJ Equipment?

What shall I do with my old DJ Equipment?
A common question asked as so many DJs  have already moved over to the digital DJ revolution! How many times did you hear over the last five years a DJ say, ‘I will never go digital, I’m a Vinyl DJ through and through!’ or, ‘I’ll never sell my SL1210’s’. ..? Well they all did – or probably 90% of DJ’s in the UK did.
We went from DJ Vinyl decks to CD Decks, then CD Decks to Digital DJ Controllers, what next? All the worry and fear of that laptop crashing in the middle of a gig went out the window as we couldn’t resist the temptation of never carrying around all those 100’s of CD’s ever again. So what happened to all that old DJ equipment? Did you bin it, sell it to a mate or is it still sitting in the loft gathering dust?

In this blog post I will outline some of the options to sell DJ Equipment that are available to you.

  • Sell your DJ equipment on eBay

eBay logo

Of course, you could sell it on eBay and to be honest, this is where you could probably get the most for it, if you know what you are doing. But….. be aware of the problems you might face when selling on eBay

  1. It will cost you around 15% of the selling price in listing fees, final value fees and paypal fees.
  2. You really have to offer free shipping on eBay these days and that cost will come down to you.
  3. Have you got all of the original packaging? This will help you get more for your product but more importantly, it will protect the item when it is shipped. The last thing you want is for your equipment to arrive with its new owner in pieces!!
  4. The customer can always send the item back if he is not satisfied and on eBay, the customer has all the rights.
  • Sell your DJ equipment to your friends

Business and friends don't mix

OK, well maybe that is a little harsh but would you really sell your DJ equipment to a friend (and probably a DJ?)
Firstly, are you going to get paid? Yeah man, I’ll pay you when John pays me for that gig I did last week, he is just a bit short at the moment……. need I say more??
And secondly, what happens when it breaks? You know that he has dropped it getting it out of his car or spilled coke all over it but will your friendship survive the ultimate test if you don’t give him his money back?

  • Sell your DJ equipment to a high street chain

Cash converters

These guys are fine if you want to sell your Xbox or PS3 but show them a Traktor Kontrol S4 or a set of Pioneer CDJ1000s and they will  look at you as if you have just bought in a section of the Starship Enterprise!

  • Sell your DJ equipment to a specialist.


Now, of course I am going to recommend this option but the benefits of selling your old DJ equipment to bought4cash is there for all to see. We have DJ’s with years of experience who can talk about kit until the cows come home. They will understand where you have come from, where you are going to and why you want to sell your old equipment.
bought4cash also has a sister company that sells DJ equipment so if you do want to upgrade you can get much more for your old equipment by part exchanging and upgrading to the latest coolest gear.
bought4cash offers free collection on all items and the price agreed is the price we pay to you. If there are any issues and you are not happy, we will send the item back to you, again at our cost.
bought4cash can offer all of this because we are experts, who love DJing, understand the products, understand the market and most importantly, understand and value the people who we do business with.

Checkout the bought4cash website and get in touch today

Jeremy Wicks
Jeremy Wicks is the heartbeat at bought4cash. Having been in the Hifi and DJ retail industry for over 20 years, his knowledge is unparalleled. Nothing excites Jeremy more than talking to customers and securing that deal. You will see Jeremy on many online videos talking about gear and his passion is infectious.

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