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Packaging Tips!

Here at bought4cash we value our customers and want them to have the best experience possible selling with us. So we have put together this page of packaging tips to helps our customers get there items ready for collection in the best way possible.

As a disclaimer, we do understand that as a customer you will not have the packaging materials that we have used. This is not a problem we are just giving you an idea of how the products will need to be packaged. I will list good and bad packaging materials to use below to help you further. We would recommend that you contact a local packaging company for bubble wrap, boxes, tape and other materials.


Good Packaging Materials

  • Bubble wrap
  • Shredded cardboard
  • Blankets
  • Self expanding foam
  • Double wall cardboard box
  • 2″ Brown tape

Bad Packaging Materials

  • Bin bags
  • Newspaper
  • Pallet wrap
  • Single wall cardboard box
  • 1″ Clear tape

Don’t pack items without any protection! Items packed without protective packaging can get easily damaged in transit.

Leave an inch or so of space around the item and wrap it in bubble wrap or some other protective packaging material.

Don’t use 1″ clear tape. This tape will not be strong enough to hold heavy items.

We would recommend using 2″ tape or larger and to tape the middle and sides on the top and bottom of the box (as shown above)

Don’t pack multiple items in 1 box, we would recommend boxing items separately unless they are light weight and not fragile. Loose power cables will scratch, dent and damage your products.

If you do pack multiple items in one box, we would recommend wrapping bubble around each unit and separating them with a piece of cardboard.


Remove all removable accessories from your turntable before you start packaging.

The most important part to remove would be the platter as this is a large heavy item that come come out of place during transit!

We would highly recommend tying the arm in place as this will also swing around in transit what could damage the arm.

Then place foam blocks or some alternative packaging materials under the tonearm to ensure that it doesn’t get damaged.

We always tie the cables up so they do not fly around the box and damage the unit.

We have now placed a large thick square of bubble warp in the middle of the turntable (under the lid), thick enough so the lid just struggles to close.

Now place a bag over the turntable making sure you get it nice and tight so the lid is almost shut if not completely shut

Make sure the plug is facing away from the turntable. A loose plug can puncture a hole through your turntable.

Bag all accessories together so they do not get lost in the packaging

Then bubble wrap the accessories before placing them in the box

Use a double wall cardboard box, you will need at least 2 inches of packaging on the bottom. Place the platter in at the bottom of the box on top of the packaging.

Now place the turntable on top of the platter in the centre of the box.

Stuff packing all around the turntable until no more will fit around the sides (if the box is bulging your doing well). Then place all accessories on top of the turntable.

Add 2 inches of packaging on top of the turntable and then cut the box down to the appropriate size. Use strong 2″ tape and fragile tape if you have some.

Amplifiers & AV Receivers

Separate all of the accessories and tie up any cables.

Bubble wrap the accessories making sure you wrap the power cable separately.

Bubble wrap the product all the way round 4-5 times making sure it is at least 1-2 inches thick.

Now we need to bubble wrap it the other way to make sure the knobs at the front and output terminals at the back are safe.

Use tape to hold the bubble wrap in place. If you only have small bubble wrap you will need to use more of it to get the thickness needed.

Now I have cut open a cardboard box and wrapping the item in the card for extra protection.

Wrap the cardboard tight around the unit then cut and fold each end. Use 2″ tape for this as 1″ may not be strong enough

Get a large box and package the product inside the box with at least 2 inches of packaging around all sides, top and bottom.

Place your accessories on top of the product with the power cable to the side.

Cut the box down to the appropriate size making sure you have the 2 inches of packaging on top.

Tape up the box with 2 inch tape or larger. and wrap fragile tape around the box if you have some.

Floor Standing Speakers

Floor standing speakers are difficult to box but we have some tips here that hopefully will help. We have removed the base and then bagged the speaker to prevent the item getting scratched. Then we have used profile foam edge protection around the speaker.

We have now used large bubble to wrap 3-4 layers around the hole speaker.

We are using double wall cardboard boxes due to the weight of the speakers. A single wall box would not be strong enough for this product.

Tape up the box with 2 inch tape or larger. and wrap fragile tape around the box if you have some.